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Alice In Wonderland - Chapter 10: A Strange Trial lyrics

Sora's group follows the White Rabbit into the Bizarre Room. In there,
Sora's group saw the Doorknob.

Sora: How did he get so small?

Doorknob: No, you're simply too big.

Sora's group was shocked.

Donald: It talks!

The Doorknob is trying to sleep.

Doorknob: Must you be so loud? You woke me up.

Goofy: Good morning.

Doorknob: Good night! I need a bit more sleep.

Sora: Wait, what do we have to do to grow small?

Doorknob: Why don't you try the bottle...over there?

The table rises up to reveal a drinkable bottle. Sora's group drinks it
and they grew small so that they can enter the Queen's Castle. In there,
Alice is standing next to a podium on trial. The White Rabbit gets to
his position and blows the trumpet.

White Rabbit: Court is now in session!

Alice: I'm on trial? But why?

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White Rabbit: Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts, presiding!

Queen of Hearts: The girl is the culprit. There's no doubt about it. And
the reason is...because I say so, that's why!

Alice: That is so unfair!

Queen of Hearts: Well, have you anything to say in your defense?

Alice: Of course! I've done absolutely nothing wrong! You may be queen,
but I'm afraid that doesn't give you the right to be mean!

Queen of Hearts: Silence! You dare defy me?

Sora's group watches the trial and Sora thinks of something.

Sora: (to Donald and Goofy) Hey, guys, we should help her out.

Donald: Yeah, but the-

Goofy: We're outsiders, so wouldn't that be muddling?

Donald: "Meddling"!

Goofy: Oh, yeah. And that's against the rules.

Queen of Hearts: The court finds the defendant...guilty as charged! For
the crimes of a**ault and attempted theft of my heart... (to the Cards)
Off with her head!

Alice: No! No! Oh, please!

Sora: Hold it right there!

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