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Alice In Wonderland - Blue Skies lyrics

[Verse I: GhostOfAnEgo]
The American spirit is Indian
I hear it in the man
Getting away from d**h rays
With wet beads of sweat left on his chest
To get off my chest
I must confess
Stacks of cash traded in the past
For raids that invaded alien worlds
Make my world alien
No more shooting groups
Of defenseless for investments
I said it I meant it
I don't regret it
Two weeks starving thin
Two weeks hardly in
To being legit
Fearing it, morality
Would lead to mortality
Taking it badly
My crew abandoned me
Damning me to steal corrupt
Corporation's cargo solo
Alone it was too hard though
So I recruited a new crew
Criminals who did right in
Light of the criminal Reich
I traversed the galaxy
I traveled admirably
Saw stars die and be reborn
Saw creation's first and final form
Distant planets of arctic cold
I've land it and roamed
Through star gates and warp speed
I did things you'd never believe
In a space suit not bullet proof
I dueled bad and good men
I knew that then
Struggled with wealth
So smuggled through the new Urian belt
Saved slaves and made graves
For childhood friends
Not doing that again
Served time for crimes not mine
In tortuous cells hoping for hell
Rather than tell
Escaped in near d**h shape
As living dead weight
I have bargained and hardened
I have sacrificed my lucky gun
And my only son
In a star ship fight
That started tonight
To save an indifferent world
That will never be a different world
Dog fights with the best a test
I bested attested by my
Still breathing body
I'm still breathing buddy
The sky's lovely, but it doesn't love me
Me against the universe

[Intermission: GhostOfAnEgo]
Critical condition. The ship is in critical condition
Evacuate now

[Verse II: GhostOfAnEgo]
I see a sea of ships
Awakened to the wave we're hit
[Lyrics from: https:/]
A fire fight beside star light
Alright I yell to tell the crew
To make their fate inside escape pods
Odd odds
Even to even the odds would need god

[Intermission: Wizzy J]
This is your last chance to surrender

[Verse III: GhostOfAnEgo]
I buckle up
I don't give a f**
Never give up
Cloaked in the soaked in
Sweat of heart palpitations
I start contemplating
A way of retaliating
Reevaluating the bleak scene
Fear seized my heart
I needed a jump start
Frozen in space, heated time
Frozen in place, heat firing behind
A near ship blew fire
Like the Star Wars Empire
Suddenly a sun bursts
Lightyears from Earth
But luckily next to me
Trucking me recklessly
Into the canals of a
Deep space finale
Hurt badly
Blinded by being blind sided
Time subsides the tide's valley
Engine in the red, envying the dead
I await the fate of a ship
To take me to trial
To spit bile about justice
Just to shoot me for doing it
The fired squad line up
I perspired, tied up

[Intermission: Wizzy J]
On count men

[Verse III: GhostOfAnEgo]
Don't let them murder me

[Intermission: Wizzy J]

[Verse III: GhostOfAnEgo]
Today it's me

[Intermission: Wizzy J]

[Verse III: GhostOfAnEgo]
Tomorrow it's you

[Intermission: Wizzy J]

*Firing of weapons*

[Outro: Alice in Wonderland]
I keep wishing it could be that way
Because my world would be a wonderland

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