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Alex Story - Disemboweling Little Girls For Fun And Profit lyrics

I put little girls like you in the ground
With your tongue chewed out, you won't make a sound
As I slice your stomach, letting your entrails spill out

And when I'm dragging you to the back of the van
I gotta think you understand that it's all right
Even if you put up a fight

And when it's over, or until I gotta find another
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I'm gonna love you till you die
So please stop asking the reasons why; I think you know
On with the show, an aching love I can't let go

And as the lights fade under the night's shade
I'm gonna be the one holding your hand
Until the bitter end, and although I hate to see you cry
I think you know, I'm gonna love you till you die

Disemboweling little girls for fun and profit

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