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Alan Watts - Motion in the Dream Line lyrics

[Verse 1: Jesse]

Lost inside a dream, What's it mean, is it real?
Character's are me, with some sheep, in a field
Looking at the sky to see me looking back down;
Mind blowing in the wind, hope the breeze stays 'round
In a valley that was as dark as it was cold
I was searching for the light to ignite my inner soul
I was lost; and so were you
That's how I knew we'd find our way to where the sky shined blue
Our lives are made up of what we experience and learn;
Even if your outlet was drugs you still get a turn
Base our feelings off of how our mind says that we feel
Although its only vibration, know that all this matter is real
We don't have much time, although it seems that we do
Seconds turn into minutes, a couple years and you're through
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In a new age of thinking our thoughts are all that we have
Freedom of the mind in theory expressing why mine are rad

[Break: Ken Wilber]

[Verse 2: Jesse]

Man, its not that funny when you recognize that it's true
Seein' broken-hearted people enslaved down to their roots
Broken memories on floors of stained glass;
A past occurring with bad times, leave it at that
All feelin' that we're missing, trying to find our way home
A bullet in the chamber, collect call her from a pay phone
"Hey it's me, sorry this has to happen."
Cut her off with a bang and then all she heard was the static

[Outro: Alan Watts]

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