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Alan Watts - Endless Cycle lyrics

[Verse 1]
Life gets so out of tempo
I'm so rhythmic that I lose focus
And things seem to slip away so easy
I try to balance the waters but it all seems so feeble
We all judge the moments like we're regal
And the world is our kingdom
But I can't fall for it
I'm too honest I must be on to it
The cycle
In which we recycle
Eat, pray
Love, hate
Judge, discriminate
Envy, insinuate
The cycle

Why do we keep falling into this cycle
The cycle,the cycle,the cycle

[Verse 2]
Life gets so out of rhythm
And I'm so melodic I can't follow the unorthodox waves
Which they play in
And play on
The more effort for change
The more cause of chaos
It's mayhem in the streets
Don't believe go shoot your neighbor put it on Twitter
And go see how many retweets and
DM's that you can't delete
I can't defeat it all I'm just one molecule
In the cell we called Earth
But I must be too late
Because we keep falling in
The cycle
Wake, sleep
Love, hate
Eat, pray
Real, fake
Jealousy, penetrate
The cycle
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[Verse 3]
Life gets so deadly
It's hard for me to distinguish it from death
I sweat for days praying,reading
Trying to gain knowledge
Or wisdom something to keep
Grinding from rewinding
Back in to the God Forsaken Cycle
I tried to rid of the idols
But we are so connected to them
How do we rid the cycle of
Love, hate
Peace, Eliminate
Agreements and debates
The cycle

Dear God how can I stop the cycle
The cycle,the cycle,the cycle,the cycle
Is there even a cycle or am I just a psycho
The cycle, the cycle
Is there even a cycle or am I just a psycho

In our culture and in various other cultures,high civilizations
To the new member of the human society
Instead of saying frankly to children
How do you do, welcome to the human race
We are playing a game
And we are playing by the following rules
We want to tell you what the rules are
So you'll know your way around
And when you understood what rules we are playing by
When you get older, you may be able to invent better ones
But instead of that, we still retain an attitude
To the child, that he is on probation
He is not really a human being
He is a candidate for humanity
And in just this way, we have a whole system of preparation
Of the child for Life
Which is always preparation
And never actually gets there

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