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Akua Naru - The Journey lyrics

The journey…(aflame)
Song lyrics by akua naru. “…The Journey Aflame” © 2011 akua naru
At once
We were people on our land
African feet touch the sand
Free woman and man
Stand tall
Respond call
Conga djembe
We sing a song for our first born
Skin uncovered unashamed original names
We served god through a pantheon, then secular world came
Some prisoners of war betrayed by our own others chained, some sold stolen from
The shores by a foreign man we never seen before, families torn
Put in chains
The chattel slave trade
Black bodies chained, whipped, burned, maimed
Many tongues speaking the same pain
Confused, i can't understand a damn thing
World view rearranged, in el mina's castle caged, somebody say a ship came
Forced board. feet lusting for my soil, what the f** is going on?
“ain't i a woman?”
Somebody just jumped overboard
Cross the atlantic, skin branded, left stranded, laid in fractions
Heart in fragments, captured, deemed as savage, pull my body backwards
“no chords could strum the root of my pain/they set the journey aflame”
Second v
White man
Crush my womb. shattered. scraped, raped. battered
Another miscarrage. another baby born to a world of shackles
Fire crackers, havin flash blacks. the middle pa**age
Spoon fashioned, semen, blood, urine, dragging. human organs splattered
Scattered cross caribbean. carolina
Reduced to fractions divided by my black vagina
Enter in the battle, in this so-called “new world”
Look at this n***a-girl on iriquois/pequot earth
(turn around) u up first
Smile, teeth strong, a**ess my worth
On the auction block, they say im ripe for birth, strong stock, look at my buttocks
Hair like wire u need brush not
Nothin pretty to rub hot
Behind my chest heart beats the first seeds of hip hop
Fire burnin rage is... gun cocked
My water breaks. the beat drops
Mic chords bind me. stop rewind me
Let my memories rock, enemies drop
Oh lord, let us fast forward. promise to let my tape rock
And it won't stop
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“no chords could strum the root of my pain/they set the journey aflame”
Third v
Sometimes i want war for these muthaf**as
And im restrained, n***a, negro, colored, nigra, b**h, hoe
Mammy, harlot, minstrel
Aunt jemima kinfolk
Nicki minaj instrumental
Sista stomp hard!! but we forced to tip toe
Three-fifths of a human, two-fifths cause you woman
Abandoned oshun, praying for Christ second coming
Jiving, shuckin corn, word is bond
Used to sing work-songs about being free
Now freedom comes (w)RAPped in p**n
Buying european wigs, Italian designers
Manolo blahnik, gucci and prada
Somebody baby mama
Rhyme about the dollar
Identity draped in male desire
The illusion of free, but we for hire, lost in buying power
Who got it made? last week we was the maid
Breast-feeding white babies
They grow, sell our children as slaves
Billie holiday, hang from maple trees
A game of make-believe
Log on to facebook, forget the rape of centuries
Grammar stays in present perfect
But us, we simple past on it
Degraded by our brothers, they say shake your a** on it
Constructed before the white face
Now its music on my space
Body parts separated from soul
Bought and sold
Nothing new though
My question crucial
Whats the worth of a black woman, who go
Cross the atlantic, stranded
On plantations
College loan payments
Exploited, captured and framed in
White imagination
Black male s** arrangements
Christian names
Master's house the first stage
That made my body famous
Beauty caged in
Behind the lust for blue eyes and blond manes and im saying
It started with that slave ship that set the journey flaming
“no chords could strum the root of my pain/they set the journey aflame

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