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Akon - Make Me Feel lyrics

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
You know how, you know how
Bad b**hes taught ya, taught ya
You know how
Bad b**hes taught ya, you know how
You know how, yeah, cause I done taught you, n***a
f** around and I might deport you with her
Last time you started fronting I fought you, n***a
Next time, I'mma pull out and torch you with her
Of course you with her in the Porsche, you with her
f** I look like, n***a? Of course you bitter
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Cause you know how I put it on, you know how I do it long
Ride it like a unicorn, schoolgirl uniform
Ass clap, not a** cap
But I got him writing songs for my a**, clap
p**y pop, pat-pat
It don't get no bigger, it's at its max fat
We love hard, we fight like we done
Get my gun, that b**h better run
But I'm cooking up and it's deep fried
With my G-string in your G5
It's blood gang, I'm a G, five

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