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Akon - Make Me Feel lyrics

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
You know how, you know how
Bad bitches taught ya, taught ya
You know how
Bad bitches taught ya, you know how
You know how, yeah, cause I done taught you, nigga
Fuck around and I might deport you with her
Last time you started fronting I fought you, nigga
Next time, I'mma pull out and torch you with her
Of course you with her in the Porsche, you with her
Fuck I look like, nigga? Of course you bitter
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Cause you know how I put it on, you know how I do it long
Ride it like a unicorn, schoolgirl uniform
Ass clap, not ass cap
But I got him writing songs for my ass, clap
Pussy pop, pat-pat
It don't get no bigger, it's at its max fat
We love hard, we fight like we done
Get my gun, that bitch better run
But I'm cooking up and it's deep fried
With my G-string in your G5
It's blood gang, I'm a G, five

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