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Air Supply - Feel For Your Love lyrics

(graham russell/billy sherwood/marty walsh)

I've got money to burn
I've got life on the avenue
I've got nothing to learn
I just do what i want to do
I've got places to go
I've got lines on the telephone
I've got nothing to show
For all this time that i spend alone
But if i wanted someone, someone to care
And if i needed someone,
Would you be there
I want to look into your eyes

And get a feel for your love
(where would i be)
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I've got a feel for your love
(where would i be)
I've got a feel for your love
(where would i go)
I have something to give
I got a feeling that i never knew
I have a reason to live
And all i want is to be with you
If i gave you my heart
Would you take what i have for you
I have fallen so hard
And i will do what you want me to
And now i'm wanting someone
Someone to share
And if you are that someone
Will you be there?
So when i look into your eyes

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