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Air Supply - A Little Bit of Everything lyrics

How did it happen it was never really clear
I never thought that you and I would still be here
So many nights of love and many more to come
When we would sing together till the song was sung

I don't know when it was my heart began to fly
I don't remember when the music made me cry
We only did what was so natural to do
And all the things you said to me I want to give to you

You said you wanted - A little bit of everything
You said you wanted - A little bit of everything
You know you wanted - A little bit of everything
And we both wanted - A little bit of everything

When all the world was listening to the radio
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We had to close our eyes and turn the lights down low
And when that song would play we stared into the light
And when I held you close we fell into the night

Each little note would leave a trail across my heart
And every tear would be a candle in the dark
I don't know how it all began so long ago
It's not for us to understand its only love that needs to know

(Repeat Chorus)

Like a fleeting dream, when we meet it seems
We are caught in between, and there's only tonight
And this moment feels so right

(Repeat Chorus)

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