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Aha Gazelle - Misfit Island lyrics

[Star Spangle Banner Intro]

Verse 1 [Aha Gazelle]
I like watching cartoons in dark rooms
I like walking in public like Im on the moon
I like to spend my money on some nice clothes
Im not violent but I like to drown my Oreos
I learned to love the fact that everybody ain't gon like me
I liked hot wings before McDonalds made em mighty
In school I read books bout Harry, Ron, and Hermione......(maybe I shouldn't have said that.)

A lot of new people got to know me, well they know what think they know
Am I a teacher I guess a pupil stare at what they seen before
Nice to meet you I know Im black with dreadlocks keep it on the low
Mybad, am I sposed to walk around with a gun GET ON THE FLOOR!!!
Bang Bang is that what it takes for me to be one of the cool kids
Bang Bang is that what it takes for me to get rid of my cooties
Bang Bang is that what she wants so I can take her to the movies

As I got older, I learned I can transform into a transformer
Disguise myself as a Range Rover cause nobody wants an old Toyota
Started thinking quicker, Im not a doctor but I got sicker, I enjoyed the poison
In the woods I struck fire, my words are slicker, my Mom's a lawyer
My Dad's a principal and preacher, why ya looking at me like that?
Trained up since day 1, I understood the recipe like that
People ponder these petty principles like it ain't in my pedigree...yall to hard to please..

Im not to tryna be rude
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Im just tryna be cool
Just. Like. You
Just Like You (aha gazelle)
[Repeat Hook]

Verse 2 [Aha Gazelle]
In high school I was picked on cause I was over weight and acted white
Had my shirt tucked in it was all the way buttoned s**ing in my stomach and my pants was tight
In middle school I didn't have nikes it was k-swiss they was all white
Its funny now but these were all multiple reasons that I really hated life
And people think that my family rich cause my parents know how to budget money

But they worked for it life wasn't always a delight didn't know sunny
My favorite show is Fresh Prince they were super rich and Will was funny
Its how we wanna be rich but can't stand Mitt Romney
But back to topic I love to read and like comics, Im real good with electronics
I don't like little white lies, mayonnaise makes me vomit
Please stop it, got every episode of DBZ on DVD and gameboy I used to play sonic

I really really like hip hop, but got mad love for R&b
Me and Hatch can make the ladies smile and its really wild cause I can't sing
I can't compete with David Ruffin...
But some how for them Im good enough...

Do you think Im good enough?
Do you think Im bright enough to be star?
Or do I have to change the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I am, who I am so I can be apart?
Do you think Im good enough?
Do you think Im bright enough to be star?
If everything that God made is good do I really have the change me just so I can be apart?

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