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Aha Gazelle - Eye In The Sky lyrics

[verse 1]
I think that I'm addicted to praying
Cause I finally found someone who understands what I'm saying
I don't have to be ashamed of who I am or how I feel just bein real when I say I'm not embarra**ed to say it
I look at other people, and I know we're not equal
But I just smile and get along because my pride can be lethal
Did I mention that I'm good at making illegal legal
I feel bad because you made me with these cool special features

Man I used be clumsy but I done learned how to juggle
The way I'm flexing my muscle it's getting hard to stay humble
I just jump over mountains like I don't know how to struggle
I'm talking climbing up easy like I was friends with Repunzel
Don't need a light in my tunnel
Because I know that you're with me
Every step by step RIP goes out to Whitney
Slow it down like in Houston
I hear some supporters rooting but none them gone take a bullet when these people start shooting
I just realized that I'm crazy I'd prolly crash a Mercedes
Just to prove to a nonbeliever Jesus Christ is the savior
I'm just tryna be apart do y'all accept behavior
I'm just tryna look apart ill cut my face with a razor
Do I look good??
Wontchu come over for dinner don't I cook good?
Am I good enough do you like my neighborhood haaa?
Don't I fit the label good haaan or nah?

I'm so sophisticated, It's not the Jordan's man I worked to get this elevation
I'm tryna master every principle no limitation
I'm just tryna give my gift back to the creator
And ain't nobody have to teach me how to be creative
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My mind is so amazing, should've of been in the matrix, I refuse to be basic
Do you think that I'm crazy, I'm tryna raise the ratings
Without having a baby, I'm the black power ranger
The things I used to like I don't enjoy em no mo
I got a new group friends I ain't lonely no mo
I finally met some people that are better than my equal, so now I can learn from them I'm not the coldest no mo
And since I'd rather hang with em old friends say that I'm distant
But you can't deny we ain't the same homies no more
I'm slayin dragons, Im movin faster, Im climbin ladders, I'm sorry yall I ain't ridin ponys no more

God you know I got issues, That involve repetition man I know she prolly mad cause I won't make the commitment
I'm really glad that you approve but we can't make it official
I'm just too afraid to lose and I refuse to need tissue
My cousin Dillon just died, car accident rocked him
And i hate it cause I wish somebody just woulda shot him
Man we coulda got the dude who did it just to say that we got him
I just need someone to blame I guess I do have a problem

You think that you know but I promise you dont you dont know what Im thinking
Im hot and Im cold all inside Im alive but I dont know the season
I dont know whats real and whats not, you see that my eyes are not blinking
Dont know what to believe in?
He knows that you're thinking
[repeat hook]

I understand that Im ugly, but I dont care cause I still love me
And Ima tell my dad on you cause it ain't funny, ha ha ha
I know he knows, I know he knows, I know he knows, I knows he knows
He knows, he knows, he knows...(repeat)

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