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Aha Gazelle - Best In The World/Microwaves lyrics

[Part I - Best In The World]

[Verse 1: Aha Gazelle]
I got greenbeans on my coffee table
I told yall the truth didn't tell no fables
I always felt like I was unstable
Cause my brain see more than illegal cable
I put all dreams on piece paper
As a 9th grader I knew I was greater
And a so called friend just laughed in my face but forget that hater
I don't need nobody ima make beats in my bedroom all summer
My imaginary friend says she loves me
Yea I made her a she to replace what I don't have please don't judge me
Sometimes I feel like I sound redundant
And the songs I make just sound too funny
And I should quit and get a real job selling woman's shoes like I'm Al Bundy
But lately I feel like I got a purpose
Lately I feel like it's all working
I don't know why but this past year I've been really cool with bein Steve Urkel
This is for people who enjoy the show and still like to laugh at stupid the commercials
This for the all the kids that stay in Walmart after midnight thats breaking curfew
Let's have toast one time for the people who said no
For people who said I couldn't go
For girls that said I'm too childish
For the ones who gave me a chance to grow
For everybody who wanna act like they still don't know
You gon learn today Aha's finally dope

I finally feel free
I'm okay with bein' me
I don't ever wanna leave
Oh no, it's the best thing in the world
She said wants a piece
But I'm not gon' let her see
Cause if I give it to her I may not get it back
It's the best thing in the world

[Verse 2: Recc]
Sometimes I forget I got a purpose
Can't name a time I'm not discouraged
Went to the alter this past Sunday and last Sunday during morning service
I been forming churches inside my mind, no denomination
All religions are in the same book just on a bunch of pages but on one occasion Can we come together
My God your God whatever
I'm just tryna find a common ground
Before the gates go tumbling down
Before they shoot another brother or choke em out
Pharoah still plotting on us
The high priest still plotting on us
While all of Israel done got used to it they just sitting back like they got the right to own us
But I know God is the rightful owner
Cold world I'm surprised I don't got pneumonia
I'll never let em see me sweat this is not a sauna
Im a loner but I'm not alone bruh somebody did what im tryna do
I just wish I could be sinless no need for forgiveness forgive me for doubting you
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I'm bout to do the impossible God can you guide me through all these obstacles
I finally accept me for me plus you and I that's unstoppable
Saving souls might be my purpose bruh how could you not wanna rock with us
I finally accept me for me and that makes me free in God we trust

[Bridge: Recc]
In God we trust yes, I finally feel free
I'm okay with bein me yea
Cause If I give it to her I might get it back
It's the best thing in the world
I finally feel free
I'm okay with being me
If I give it to her I may not get it back
It's the best thing in the world

[Verse 3: Aha Gazelle]
Trappin in my bedroom ain't left the place in three days
I just hope when you hear this you feel it in your spirit and you'll be amazed
I put my blood sweat and tears in this so you're really listening to my DNA
I can feel I'm in a different place tell God I'm just few feet away
My dad came in and said what you been doin all day
I can't even lie I did hesitate
I didn't even wanna look him in his face
Cause I didn't know what he was finna say
I was afraid that he didn't accept what I wanted to be
I like to rap and he likes to preach
This was the intro into his speech
He said son I'm really proud of you and I wanna let you know that I support your dreams
I'm always here if you need anything then shook my hand and then he said proceed
When the door shut my eyes teared up I just sat still for bout 20 minutes
Cause even though it all made sense I really didn't get it
What makes man who never knew his dad that never had role model shake his hand
But in every way he still understands
I don't understand where'd he get plan
It doesn't matter I'm just glad that he chose to stay in cla**
For record he did pa**

[Part II - Microwaves]

Aha: See me and you we're really not that different. We both got one thing

William: Really?...well apparently you know me way better than I know you

Aha: I know that look...I know the empty ring finger and that obsessive nature of your that's a big secret....
You don't risk everything you have to save someone who doesn't wanna be saved unless you got thing
The reason normal people got wives and kids and hobbies, whatever...
It's because they ain't got that one thing that hits 'em that hard and that true
For me it's music...for you its whatever this is
The thing you that think about all the time, the thing that make you south of normal...yea it makes us makes us the best...
All we miss out on is everything else
Ain't no women waiting at home after work with a drink and a kiss...that ain't gon happen for us

William: Well that's why God made microwaves

Aha: Yea microwaves...

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