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Aha Gazelle - Banger For Ben lyrics

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong
Yes, Jesus loves me

I be having bad dreams with time machines the only difference is nobody really cares
No conversations just arguments with a person who ain't even really there
I worked so hard on my presentation ducked off inside my secret lair
Just to pour my heart out up on this stage for a few hand claps and some blank stairs
To myself I said Jesus loves you and if they don't then they will eventually
I asked why she didn't respond to my text she lied and said her phone ran out of memory
The Body Christ is full of politicians look good so people will support your ministry
While my supporters mention me on Twitter can't repeat it but just know that they really feelin me
I'mma show you sumthin' new I'mma show you sumthin' that you never knew you could do
And we gone tell everybody so when it's all said and done you can't say you never knew
It's just me and my crew we got kicked out room but we back on the top of the roof
It's just us we don't need nobody if you ain't really bout it don't worry that's cool
And if you don't like me well I'ma give you hug cause I still love you
And if they start taking shots and I can't take the bullet well at least I know I'm still fire proof
I look at my messages they like I know you believe in God and that's cool
But can you make sumthin for me and my homies to ride to

They be like Aha I gotta question why you ain't got no bangers
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Is it cause yo flow too dangerous
Don't you wanna be the greatest
I understand that you tryna change
But can you please do this for me
Just forget everything that you want and please give us what we need and we need some bangers
We need some bangers

[Verse 2]
I wanna sing love songs I wanna tell you about all the pain that's in my heart
But y'all just want club songs y'all wanna hear about my money that I used to buy a new car
I wanna sing about Jesus about the girl that don't like me that I still fell in love with
Cause I can scream we don't love these hoes it doesn't change the way I feel when I seen her out in public
But stop it aha because when you talk like that the only they hear is blah blah blah blah
They wanna hear d** and girls shootings like ******* Rataataaataa
They will not get this if you do not rap this in triplets
Cause everybody else is rappin in triplets
And do not forget to repeat the word triplets like triplets on triplets on triplets
It doesn't matter cause y'all will never get it
I don't have time like a cell phone with no more minutes
I'm ahead like Atlantic and y'all pacific
And when people buggin me I give 'em crickets
Yall ain't really makin moves that a pivot
But I wanna travel gotta a one way ticket on my way to heaven while I'm still livin
I finished the project in January the only that was missing was an album cover
Then Ben hit me up and said copyright it cause they robbin you William they want your flubber
Now the mixtape is real cool and all I respect your story please don't judge me
But don't you have something I can play in public
Well here you go baby brother

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