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Agent Sasco (Assassin) - Mix Up lyrics

Try no mix up the original
Well hear me now, Ayo
Ay follow me, Ay follow me, come follow me now
Mix this, mad!

[Verse 1]
I man a rush them like a pitbull, mix with a rotty
Clap dem like a rifle, mix with a shotty
A nuff a dem love the watchy watchy, chatty chatty
Like a peeping Tom, mix with a mouth a massy
Try no mix up the original, with carbon copy
Don't mix the marijuana plant with the poppy
And no rent-a-dread no fi a mix up with no natty
Fashion dread no fi come a talk bout Selassie
Mi love me girl dem caramel, a little coffee
Freaky when she ready but she know when she fi classy
Talking bout a slim girl, mix with a fatty
Me a talk bout small waist, big batty
What she say she love? Dumplin and the saltfish mix with Ackee
Talking bout the jerk chicken, more time teryaki
I man have the peanut blend up with the moshi
Make me ride it like a cyclist, mix with a jockey
You know what's gonna happen when the mommy mix with poppy
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Nine months later baby wrap up inna nappy
You know money a make, a filthy rich mix with the happy
Me a tell you bout the duffle bag mix with the attache
Man a gangsta like Al Capone mix with the Gotti
Champion, Muhammed Ali mix with Rocky
Real top-a-top weh no travel inna jalopy
Me pull up in a Rolls Royce mix with a Bugatti
Hear me, Sting International, you mix dem never shabby
Assassin mix with Jay Sean mix with di Shaggy
Me talking bout the Sly Dunbar mix with the Robbie
Me a talk bout Billboard number one mix with the grammy
But music a we love is like the work mix with the hobby
Me take you for a ride is like chauffeur or a cabbie
We do we owna thing so we no cater bout nobody
And up inna di ranch di whole a we a mad somebody, Hear wa
A we a call the shots but dem a cadet
We up inna di suite and dem a sit down inna lobby
You call the room, me answer the phone and sound a little croggy
Why? Me just feed a bowl a cock soup to Maggie
Ha, Mad supm

Assassin, Mix with the Agent and the Saco
You nuh, Mad

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