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Afrokeys - The Altima lyrics

No matter how many times I say I hate you
You know it's not true
I still hear about you from your sister
And ask her how you're doing, even though you don't have a clue
I try so hard not to care
But I still hope you're okay
I guess the love outweighs the pain
And the memories outweigh the shame
So I'll always be right here saying
I know that we moved on
And our days together are done
I know it's all my fault
I was wrong

I remember it all
I remember the fall
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But if I had to pick one thing
You know exactly what it'd be
All the memories

Riding with you in the Altima, Altima
I remember ya, in the Altima, Altima
Oh, I remember ya, in the Altima
How could I forget ya? In the Altima
You know I (you know I)
You know I always think about the Altima
You know I think of you every time I see one

In the Altima
You and I in the Altima
The blue Altima

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