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Ady B - Rotation lyrics

[Verse 1]

I should be killing it, from the beginning on I just
Feel like not all the acid I spit is noxious
I can't conquer that's my problem
And that's like, feeling insecure and that's like
Hiding from all of the daylight
Cause there's some shit you gotta rewrite, like
I could also rap about that mula
But I'd rather be sitting on the top of the world like Buddha
Shit, I'm different, resolute yeah so diligent
Yeah you know I hate religion but I need to stop
All of the things they won't show
People who've got the same goals
Y'all be lacking the necessary blunt force
To hang around bad wolves, like
All that peer pressure, got me depressive feeling anxious
I've got my mind a lethal weapon but it somehow don't feel that precious (no more)
My peace of mind, give me my piece of mind
Cause I ain't trynna hit the bottle gotta holla at the nine
When I ain't feeling fine, gotta redesign
My path to being free yeah my path to
Selling CDs making rap tunes
See me acting prudent I'll be back soon


Back soon with these rap goons
Tracks and these raps may get back soon
Back soon may get back soon
Get this shit

[Verse 2]

I gotta hit em with the rhythm gotta fill em with the venom
Ain't no way it's accidental when I spill it on em, I'm in yo bish
Me and my homies trynna get in ya bish
Aiming on em enemies gotta bust these soliloquies
I gotta fuse them with these melodies, I can do it
Oh god, tell me what am I being so blunt for
Sometimes man I wished we would simply text less and we would talk more
We just products of our stupid environment
Can't fuck with the ventriloquist, we all just some motherfucking marionettes
They like blaka blaka, live by the gun, they love Waka Flocka
That's life they love Frank Sinatra, I got hot sauce on my enchilada
It's rigamortus bitch can't afford this shit
Leave the fortress, spit on yo portrait
Skip, it's a horrid bitch leave a shortage
Skurttt good morning
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Like I did, still do it, if I kid
Sike I can be a hypocrite sometimes and I outbid
Went all in, put everything in the game
To unshackle my legs from the chains
And unravel things thing we call life
Damn, what we know bout it?


Watchu know bout it?
What they know bout it?
What everybody else know about it?
Watcho daddy watcho grandma and momma know bout it?
Ain't nobody know nothing
We acting like we know something
But we ain't know shit

[Verse 3]

Wake up, go to work, pay your taxes, go berserk
Or maybe simply just, realize how ridiculous
It is to live in a system controlled by some motherfucking pigs
It is a must, how villainous
No significance in these sentences bitch? You is dumb as fuck, Uh, when shunned in the gutter cunning got a cutter
Blood colder then stunner by Austin they murder
Brothers jump over the border, foreign but I'm still a loner
Matte les bails, je ne sais pas
My homies son deep moi j'peux dead pour mes gars
Pardon my French but I feel so fly
With the casque get a l'envers on I'm high
Acting paranormal, my mental turned nocturnal
I wrote it down in my journal, you'll see me in the journal
When you wake up in the morning
Greet yo momma with a yawning
Overdosed and tan lotion snorting motherfuckers talk sobering
Smoking doison throwing money but knowing you is broke
You couldn't ever ever smoke yo own shit
Now I'm back on my own shit
Like a rolling stone, a voodoo child, that metronome
Beating til my heartbeat stops
Wit sharper then a fucking ox
No probs to my fucking pops
Prosperity be down on lock


That was rotations man
Hope y'all fucks with it
I'm out

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