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Ady B - Outro (Traffic Jam) lyrics

[Verse 1] Sampled (2Pac - Traffic Jam)

Life is too short, I feel trapped
Hopping I don't get caught, watch my back
Lost in the traffic, heartless and tragic
Don't wanna get my ass kicked
So I walk in this mindless state, and a
Don't make me feel this way
I'll tell ya
Life is a traffic jam, I'm stuck
When will you realize your fucked?
Don't try to change my ways, I'm hopeless
Victims to the games we play, stay focused
Wath for the crazy ride, don't lie
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High till the day we die
It's my life
Tell me if you feel me
I'll tell ya
Life is a traffic jam sincerely
Stretch your mind, spoon feed your soul
3 voices you can't control
Remember life is a traffic jam
Life is a traffic jam x3

Kassette recorder opens
Kassette is removed

Rewind sound added

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