All Adrian Snell Songs

Songs In album
After The Fire -
After The Morning -
All Will Be Well Kiss The Tears
Alpha And Omega Feed The Hungry Heart
And In The Morning -
Bathed In Neon Feed The Hungry Heart
Betrayal The Pa**ion
Bullet In The Mother's Womb Kiss The Tears
Burdens Of Guilt -
By The Waterfront -
By The Waters Of Babylon -
Can You Get Me Out Of Here -
Carry Me In Your Heart Father
Child Of The Desert -
Children Of The Dream -
City Of Peace -
Climbing -
Compa**ion Father
Cover Me Feed The Hungry Heart
Coverdale -
Day Of Atonement/Lamb Of God City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
Ecclesiastes 12 * Father
Eva's Song * -
Father Father
Father, Saviour, Lord * -
Favourite Song * Kiss The Tears
Feed My Lambs * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
Feed The Hungry Heart * Feed The Hungry Heart
Gethsemane The Pa**ion
Golgotha -
Goodbye October Father
Hide Me In Your Shadow Father
I Was A Stranger * -
In Pastures Green * Father
Jesus Alive! The Pa**ion
Jesus Is My Song * -
Jesus, I'm Alone * -
Judas'Song The Pa**ion
Kaddish For Bergen Belsen * -
Like Father, Like Son * -
Listen To The Peace * -
Long Live The King The Pa**ion
Losing * -
Love Speaks In Silence * Kiss The Tears
Making Me Real * -
Moments In Eternity * -
Moriah * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
Mourning Into Dancing * -
My Soul Alive * -
Night * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
No-one On Earth Kiss The Tears
Nothing We Can Do From Here * Kiss The Tears
Now You See Me * -
O Yerushalayim * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
On A Night Of Rain In Jerusalem * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
One Of The Stars * -
Only Jesus * Feed The Hungry Heart
Out Of The Deep Father
Over The City * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
Peace Be With You The Pa**ion
Picking Up The Pieces * -
Piece Be With You -
Portrait (For Margaret) * -
Prayer For Travellers * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
Praying To The Wind * -
Psalm 131 * Father
Psalm 139 * Father
Psalm 27 (Wherever I Go, You Are There) * Feed The Hungry Heart
Reach Me * -
Revelation 21 * Father
River, Son And Earth * Feed The Hungry Heart
Roads To Zion * -
Roller Coaster * Kiss The Tears
Shema * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
Silent * -
Simon Carry My Cross The Pa**ion
Son Of The World The Pa**ion
Song At The Cross * -
Song For John The Pa**ion
That's Me In The Corner * -
The Covenant/Lift Up Your Eyes * City Of Peace, Part One - Moriah
The Last Supper -
The Lord's My Shepherd Father
The Tongue Is A Fire * Feed The Hungry Heart
The Trial The Pa**ion
There's A Song In The Air * -
They Shall Be omforted * Father
This Is The Time To Say * -
This Land * -
Through The City Noise * -
Turn Your Vengeance * -
Welcome To The Circus * Feed The Hungry Heart
When I'm Away From You * -
Why Does It Have To Be This Way * Kiss The Tears
Windsong * -
With The Sun On Her Wings * -
Within Me * Father
Your Way To Me Father