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Adogizzy - Highway lyrics

(Intro: Adogizzy)
Look at this b**h n***a

(Chorus: LooneyY)
On the highway, on the highway
This is my way
On the highway, got my n***as by my side that's the right way
I wanna fly away
I wanna fly away
And we going to the
And we never gonna
That's why these ladies wanna hop
Work Holiday
On the highway, on the highway
This is my way
On the highway, got my n***as by my side that's the right way

(Verse 1: LooneyY)
Give alittle food for thought, cause i'm too full
How long is eternity?
What am i meant to be?
If i make my own destiny then is it my destiny?
Tryna find my place so i'm searching kamasutras
I'm the type to f** about then pray and hope for halleluyahs
Yeah i write for the right reasons
The dark side appeals me
Insecurities k** me
Turn to music to heal me
Need the money to please me
Need them broads to appease me
She said looney why you like that? (Iono)
I said baby why you like that? (Alright)
Nothing but felines on my mental so my actions sentimental
And i know i'm getting somewhere when i got my own type beat
I can reach
Seems the best songs are about love or a drug
And if love's a drug then it's got too much power
Everybody tryna turn 40 minutes to an hour
Patience's a virtue I pray to God it stays true
Cause i'm waiting for my time like a custom rolly
Read to fly with my fans that don't think i'm phony
f** all them n***as talking bout' me saying looney's funny
And they gon break when im getting all the shows and money
Under the weather
Guess i'm soaked in water
No tears trying to make happy ones fill my mother (Love you mama)
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This highway is bumpy i swear that there's no other
But when you got a monster team tell me what it is to a brother


(Verse 1: Adogizzy)
Me and my brothers stay together forever
But you could be my brother if you stay through every weather
And friendship is a myth nowadays
These n***as be f**ing sh** up
It's homies over babes no homo
It's all about perspective
But for my coat day one n***as mehn i never would expect this
One man's God is another man's artwork
JESUS yeah that's my God's pa**word
And i've been away from school for a while
For no reason in particular now my anxiety's are piled
I wanna go sky diving wanna see the world
But it seems like i'm grinding for life and i'm a f**ing bore
Mum and Dad think i'm f**ing four
Over protective and sh**
Always in my business
Mehn if they hear this i'll be in deep sh**
But i'm just here listening to real sh**, for real b**h
Hoping LSMK gets naked in the studio with me
Have a threesome with one of his beats, make it a quickie
I mean that no homolly
Obviously not literally
That'll be so unholy but check yourself before you stone me
I know it's good, I know it's bad, I know it's ugly
I made your girl throw herself at me like this is rugby (or NFL)
Bright day, sky blue like Mordecai
Wanna touch the sky like Mr West when he was fly
Long like the idols may they never be your rivals
If 2Pac was Jesus, and Nas wrote the Bible
Then in his revelation he'd probably talk about me
Naija boy who started from the bottom, came up with him team
One of those nights when i miss my ex
But i fill that emptiness with a drive to get a Lex
And i write till my palm bleed and i start to vex
I don't condone greed but sometimes it's got perks
Sunday afternoon i just wanna snooze after chowing J.rice
And mehn my Mama's good
But we don't get along sometimes
And i guess it's normal
I'm 18 and i'm a guy
So f** it. (f** it)

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