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Adastra - Broken Wings lyrics

You tore down my walls
You tore down my house
I'll build them up again
I'll make them stronger than before
You tore down my dreams
You ripped my life apart
I'll pick up the pieces
And make them whole again
You beat me to the ground
And kicked when I was down
But when you turned to flee
I got back on my feet
You told me I was lost
You said I had no hope
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Although my wings were broken
Every door to me was open
Once I started to trust in you
I lost faith in myself
I thought you were the light in the dark
Now I know that you were the darkness
Fool me once, fool me twice
Give me your advice
I let you pick, I let you choose
I let you make me lose
You're a liar, you're a cheater
You're a true deceiver
I'm the white, you're the black
But you're never coming back

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