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Across Tundras - Castaway lyrics

When I hit the shore after floating ten nights, saw the last signs of hope, dark fate unsaved my life. Will fate save my life?
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Oh, what a dreadful storm, capsized me in the night, left me nothing but a plank, stomach full of salt and fright. My grit was full of fight. No one can know what's coming, until it takes you for a ride, treading away last days, waiting for the blinding light. The beacons flashing ruined fire. Few arrows fly on a straight and narrow line, one hundred miss the mark, for every hole in the bull's eye. Pull my heart from the funeral pyre. Nothing of us does fade. But suffer a sea change. Into something rich and strange. Was it all just a dream? Is anything really what it seems? Nobody knows. When I leave the shore, wave to me goodbye

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