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Acrania - Messiah Of Manipulation lyrics

Maniac scientist
Warped with a lust for miscreation manically at work
Sk**fully, sick & so precisely slicing at the living flesh& bone

Experiments pluck at every cell of this complex & self aware organism
Ripping through its free will like a scalpel through a piece of meat
Even if you could speak, there is nothing you can say to change my mind
Your mind will be mine

Messiah of manipulation
Listen here
It's for your own good
You'll become more than a man
More like a machine that's capable of such a superior rate of extermination
There will be no remorse as you ma**acre at my command

With a & surgical alteration
I will take away your sense of fear

Your veins & arteries will carry my own brand of poison
A chemical cocktail of mind altering & stimulating d** keeps you acting as my puppet
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I'll mutate genetics until you can feel no pain

My tools intelligently feast upon the prefrontal cortex
Dehumanization occurs as my tools intelligently feast on the prefrontal cortex

Now arise transhumance machine of war
Genetically mutated tool of genocide
Laughing at the birthing of his neuroscientific prototype

How far can we push this Godlike science?
As the stench of anesthetic tastes almost pungent in the air

Magnetic stimulation
It's brain rewired
It feels no weakness
Wretched inhuman creation
A spawn of man
Go forth my dehumanized monster
& hail the impending scientific dictatorship
For I am a messiah
Messiah of manipulation [2x]

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