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Aaliyah Allah - Infatuated lyrics

I often lose track of time
Melting my soul on thoughts of your skin
I scrape the art from your fingertips
As you trace every inch
It's eternal bliss
You're like, ecstasy next to me
Feel like I need your kiss
And its too early to reminisce but
How would you like to be one?
Merging our bodies
And possibly have a son
Creating our future before its even begun
And, Im sprung and
Its sudden like
Im infatuated
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You're mine (x16)
You're, you're, you're
You're in my mind
All the time
And you're mine and
Could you
Just stay here
For the rest of my life time?

I'm infatuated by
Your skin
And your hands and
Your hair and
Your eyes and
Your smile and
Your soul
It's beautiful

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