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Aaliyah Allah - Hypnotize lyrics

[Verse: Aaliyah]
You make me feel alive
You're my desires epitomized
You send chills down my spine
I want to spend a lifetime, lifetime with you
I love your melody
It's immaculate
Your taste is so sweet
You hypnotize me

[Hook: Aaliyah & Charles]
You hypnotize
You hypnotize
You hypnotize me
You hypnotize
Don't hypnotize
You hypnotize
No no, Don't hypnotize me

[Verse 2: Charles]
Like how you do that hypnotism
My vision is just you
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Or maybe its just you
I'm sipping, I'm tripping
Im thinking its just brew
Or maybe its that too
Then I slipped in my drink
Now I'm sinking in your pool
Its just you
Don't know how you got me under some sort of spell
Got me under control
Man I can't really tell
How you do that sh**
Got me hypnotized
Girl I really just like how you move that sh**
Back and forth, back and forth
Looking like an actress girl
You acting for?
You deserve them gems and j**els you asking for
Though I don't got lots to give
I got lots to live
And you should kick it with me
Your stopwatch is kinda nifty
You Hypnotize


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