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A3C - Blog Submission Guide for #CosignTheWorld lyrics

Blog content: · Upcoming events/contests

· Updates about A3C content for 2014
· Profiles of A3C Artists

· Interviews with Alumni

· Reviews of new albums & singles

· News in the Hip Hop world (music, art, culture, etc)

· Things happening on soundcloud, underground, social media, RapGenius etc.

· Commentaries Weekly features: · Alum interview: trademark questions + a couple specific (10yr)

[Lyrics from: https:/]
· Throw back song/video/performance (10yr) Blog posts: · Need some kind of visual. All blog posts need at least one picture. Videos, embedded tweets, sound clips, etc are also great

· Hyperlinks — hyperlink everything you can back to RapGenius

· Word count: between 200-500 words. If you want to do a longer piece, let me know. If you're doing a quick short piece, that's fine too. Requirements/responsibilities: · At least 1 blog post a week. You can do more, but we need at least one a week commitment.

· Coming up with ideas for content

· Pursuing content ideas given to you

· Keeping eyes/ears open about news and going ons — be proactive! Process: · Research, Transcribe, Tag and write your blog as an RG Page 1st

· Copy & save page text before annotating

· Rinse and repeat

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