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A3C - A3C Blog "Technology And Lyrics" lyrics

Music has always gone hand-in-hand with technology. During the transition from the 20th-21st century, musical technology took a quantum leap, essentially changing the paradigm of how music is viewed by the world. Hip Hop stepped up, grabbed the reins of this new realm of sound; not only in the sense that Hip Hop cultivated music technology, always taking it to the next level, but in the sense that the culture allows anyone and everyone with access to a computer to participate in the evolution of music. In this way, Hip hop has truly become the new "Folk" music, the music of the people.

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Hip Hop has always been on the pulse of new musical technologies, but has also served to revolutionize the spoken word. There is now a "no-holds-barred, anything goes mentality" in rap lyricism, people can supply any content and deliver it in any way they see fit.
Tools are being developed to aid lyricists: allows an artist to sift through endless "possible rhyme schemes", rap stats allows you to see what words are trending or being neglected during any time period in hip hop, smartphones allow anyone to record every little rhyme that comes into their head and organize them on-the-go, allows artists to explain their creative processes to their audience, colored coded rhyme schemes allow one to visually interpret complex rhyme schemes in an instant, and with new methods of poetry analysis being developed, the technical aspect of lyricism is only starting to be explored. Who knows what the future holds, perhaps we will one day be able to throw out an idea and have a computer turn it into a meaningful rhyme for us...

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