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A3C - Nun But A Party lyrics

[Hook – Scotty ATL]
Two tone paint on the Cut, dog
Whole lot of flood in my cup, dog
Mama cooked the fish and grits before I jumped off
Next stop, VIP, slicked up dog
Bad b**hes pouring drinks, put your gla** up
Make a toast to the n***as getting cash up
A lot of n***as alive, but I ain't living
Trill n***as throw your hands to the ceiling
It ain't nothing but a party
It ain't nothing but a party, party
It ain't nothing but a party
It ain't nothing but a party, party
It ain't nothing but a

[Verse 1 – Scotty ATL]
Hold up, wait, yeah I'm tryna do that
I ain't talking Texas when I say I'm tryna screw that
Taught getting money on the ground, yeah my crew that
Dark tint on it, pull up, n***a like: "who that?"
Born as a king, had a crown in the womb
You can feel a real n***a when they enter in the room
They don't pat him down, get to the club just as soon
He an organized gangster, everything cool, let him in!
Ok, this is how the sh** go
Sparklers come in, no guessing who this sh** for
Major on the beat, getting lit with my kin folk
A-Town to Cali, keep it jumping like a '64
Seven feet tall, want the money like Manute Bol
Your money like Spud Webb
Piss drunk, looking for a freak
Still working on my two step

[Verse 2 – Iamsu!]
Magic City, ATL
Met a stripper named blue, she was thick as hell
I'm from the west coast, brick city
And everywhere I go you know the clique with me
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I made a million in the 1-3
My girl thick enough to work at KOD
And all I see is Su mini-mes
I'm a month removed from 23
Finna go too far for the twofold
Balling out, I just need a hoop court
Swish, increase the pace like Paul George
Had some of the baddest on two legs on all fours
Run the state from the bay down to Los Angeles
And I bury these bars, I'm a barbarian
And they can't handle the ball so they start carrying
Run it till I'm down under like an Australian


[Verse 3 – B.o.B]
I pull up in something you've never seen
But I promise you'll hear the engine
Fore you even know what street that I'm coming from
When I'm feeling cumbersome, I party till Monday come
I need a ghetto booty, preferably an onion one
I'm always the honest one
Can't point a real n***a out unless you done humbled one
I'm always the blunted one
The type of dude to have the same team I did from the jump
And you the type of dude to just show up when the money come
(I'm here!) and leave when the money's done
I'm fasting from fake n***as, consider it Rama-done
If we in the building, well it's like there's a special going
1 800 call a real n***a, the telethon
Hit us for help or something

[Bridge – B.o.B]
Yeah, it's all I know
East side Decatur white is all I dope
Yeah, it's all I know
Pour my drank, Imma smoke my dro


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