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A3C - I Want The Money lyrics

Tailor made suits, I'm smoking fruit
Two seats in my car, that's a coupe
No question mark, your girl know that I'm the truth
She asked me what I want, and this is what I tell her
b**h I want the money
b**h I want the money
b**h I want the money
Just bring it in sacks
b**h I want the money

[Verse 1]
[?] on the beat, boy you know I'm k**ing sh**
I know you feeling me, but sh** I'm feeling on your b**h
3 5 in my blunt, that's a fat spliff
And you know we making movies, shout out to Spiff
Yeah, diamond looking like water
Living for today, can't think about tomorrow
Her flight [?], fly back to you tomorrow
You know I'm k**ing verses, here's some bars you can borrow
Ooh, got these n***as two stepping, they got the blues
Take your b**h to meet Jimmy, Jimmy Choo
Sitting at the table, yeah, mafia
All I'm seeing is [?], b**hes checking out my posterior
Oops I mean my posture, eating on me some pasta
Ooh I love some lobster, hit hard, move silent
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They like a mobster, thank god that he put me on this roster
I want the money, what can you offer

[Verse 2]
I got the money, bring the money machine
She see them hundreds, they poking out the jeans
She see my diamonds, they right on me
Boy I'm super hot, you see the flame on me
Yeah, bad b**h she from Cuba
You made the news, you famous
Shout out to my shooter
Grab the gun, work like a Migo
Shout out to Young Scooter
Ass and titties in my studio, got it, I did from Hooters
Living lavish, I want a palace
Versace rugs as well, call me Aladdin
Your man a hater but he look up to me
Girl I'm a god
Your girl in action when she ran up to me
Oh my god
But that sh** right there cost me a pretty penny
All these racks in my pockets, that's why my pants are skinny
Yeah this [?] in sight, I might just do some grinning
The bills got to get paid, so it's back to business


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