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A3C - Here Now lyrics

Ok my momma work like a slave
Try'na to get this money (x3)
Ok my father work like a slave
Try'na to get this money (x3)

[Verse 1]
I wanna hit 'em with a sanctuary flow
Ain't nothin' like voice in your stereo
I peeled off the outline of the stereotype
I'm recognized here to Montreal
Trying to make this sh** world wide
That's a lot of weight to carry though
Working out these quadriceps with these broads of s** but no Mary though
I mean who done told you bout this?
My accolades countless
I blow two to three ounces
Ain't got a stationary so, go place you don't dare to go (dare to go)

Hit the Westside man it's like there he go
Hit the Eastside man it's like there he go
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Now i ain't no trend setter but they need to be set, i'ma set these trends
No I ain't no celebrity type but we sure try'na make these m's
Might not be what'cha what but it sho' is what we needed though
I told em i'll be here one day, its cool they ain't believe me though
I'm here now, here now, here now, here now
Ok I'm here now, ya im here now, i tell my homies nothin' they should fear now
Ok I'm here now

Bank accounts ain't everything but we got that
Bad hoes ain't everything but we got that
Zip locks ain't everything but we got that
Crabs try to take everything and we not that, cock back

[Verse 2]
Ya, okay look you don't know my story, quit with the dialogue
Go and buy a dark of that pusha sh** tha'chu doin' man we ain't got time at all
I'm behind it all and my hindsight pay no mind to those hatin' on the low
b**h i parlay with all the pros, you was archaic, all yo flows, got no style
And as much i try to bump yo sh** all my dogs hate being lied to
We evolve like Raichu from the stones that we ride to and we ain't got time for you


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