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A. Somms - The Warrior lyrics

[Verse 1: A. Somms]
Hear me out I got a lot to say so stop and listen
I need to know whether my life can handle all these wishes
I think it can, but I still struggle with daily decisions
Like how the hell will I blow up without an atom collision
I swear
Pressure on my back
Not just the book bags
What's inside and what's in store is what I can't stand
Because I'm mad at what I didn't do
f**ed around at school
Gave a f** 'bout rules
Realized that I needed to apply
They were like "don't try
Wastin all your time."
But I thought we 'bout recycling
Two minutes left on the test, I might as well get a cypher in
They tell me the past year gave me credit to nothing
f** that
Looks like I'm stunting off my future becomings
Come on
These adderall thoughts, got my mind scattering
The medicine subdues, but only until the cla**es end
And when I pull out the books it's got my eyes scrambling
Until it's been an hour and I only got a chapter in

[Hook: Kate Sickels]
Oh, you're waiting for the fall apart
The end of it all
The final curtain call
Your're here to finish me off
But I brave the storm
Battle through the war
Show you that I can be
A Warrior, A-A Warrior

[Verse 2: A. Somms]
Alright parents
Tell me something that you think you know
My future's looking bleak, unsinc with my potential
It's frustrating
Being a teen
Living in twenty-first century
Providing supreme
There's a million mother f**ers stuck in my situation
Still waiting patiently to prove to their parents that they've made it
Get it?
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So I'mma just keep doing what I've been doing
Let them overreact, I turn my cheeks to them
And keep the beat looping
But still no applause
Thought it went hand-in-hand
But this ain't no curtain call
f** it, I'm over it all
No more time can I stall
I need to escape
This hell that I've made
To find a new place
For me to evolve
Forget money, life can take its own tolls
Like John Milton said, Paradise Lost Souls
But paradise isn't needed if you already glow
Like the Green Lantern, Whatever you think will now show


[Verse 3]
Music on my mind
Money right now's irrelevant
And love will come in due time
I'm not expecting this
But I know I'm more than the figure at school
Where people call me, "A. Somms, AHHH!" with a sarcastic point of view
I play along yet I know I'll shine like an alpenglow
Making moves under the table like Ocean at Bellagio
But it's crazy though
How people live their lives
Behind their fake personas
Virtually paralyzed
What would you give for a life without disguises
And realize that
Everyone is climbing
So keep in mind that
The distances may vary
Some have icebergs
Others have chauffers
I'm on that low curve
My rise is building up
Parabola to X
You asymptotes are too corrupt
Oh, the jig is up
My flame to ignite
Fight, or flight
That's my light
I'm ready to blow up

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