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A.M (410) - Hitting Civilians lyrics

[Verse 1: Skengdo]

Shout out the 16 gang
Live dish and the 4 doors bad
But how many man got splashed
I told man already can't f** with the dads
That day yeah I did lack
Caught me slipping and yeah I had to dash
But all of them f** boys know if i dip you up then your not coming back
Look I don't wanna hear no talking
But them boy way too social
And big man run up on who
I will tell my young g go poke him
And if you see Tface or Yam
Then you bess know your gunna come a soaking
Look Ring trap get breading, like i want no part of the joketing
Netflix and chill with bae
Like what the f** them man liars
Got things in the ride, skid round the K I popped man like some tires
LM goes low, and don't even think bout calling me a liar
Cause I swear I've got proof, and you know salvez sang like some choir
Opps foundation and they know that 410s higher
Now bro just free me the loud pack big 2 spliff now man a mans higher
If the ting looks deader than me then no way shes gotta be a hatters
3 balls in her tongue, yeah I know she's a slappers
Look i was in the room with the 4s I was the in room with the trappers
You was in your house watching p**n tryna put juice in the mattress
Why you wanna talk this smoke ain't nobody ever slapped it
I done told man already roll with the raa let the f**boy have it
Hitting civilians
No your not hitting the 4s
Banging on school kids then push your friend on the floor
Like how you gonna do man dirty why push you friend on the floor
And after you done him dirty
I guess your not friends anymore

[Verse 2 : A.M]

Like who's that moving all mad
I'll back out my shank on violence
Gang didn't even know who I am
But I don't say much I'm silent
On the roads man I try stay humble
Same time man a man gets showered
When I back out the ting don't crumble
God knows that I'm beefing cowards
No guts but a mans got powers
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Still duck man down I ain't stressing
Mans been on your block for hours
Catch man and he's screaming streatham
Mans grown and a mans still beefing
Man come to the fields stop cheating
Mans grown and a mans still beefing
Man come to the fields stop tweeting
n***a war is war don't lack
I can turn mans friend to a pack
I can turn mans friend to a score
And ill ra** it down with a fag
4 door same price as a mac
f** legs man aims for your hat
Man run i'll aim for you back
No grudge man came with the wap
S9 got nicked with the wap
Get nicked mans taking the wrap
Big stick mans making it clap
Big arse she's making it clap

[Big arse she's making it clap. No hands I'm breaking her back. Ting jam mans taking it back]

Man I don't come with the skeng
And it goes BANG BANG BANG
Heard you put p's on a skeng
And it goes JAM JAM JAM
Them man lipsing a girl
And he ain't BANG BANG BANG
Caught my man on his ones
And he just RAN RAN RAN
You don't wanna beef my gang
Ever heard the 3 5 bang
Have you seen the p's I have
I was gonna left my man
But I don't tek no chat
Now I got feds on man
They don't want that VROOM VROOM VROOM
Nuff time I pull up them skirts
In the club like BOOM BOOM BOOM
f** that your not my darg
Real G's don't lick pum pum
And I stuff them buds in draws
Till there ain't no ROOM ROOM ROOM

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