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A.M (410) - Diligent lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Twin]

Drillers on thought
Drillers in car
Man don't bop man diligent march
Do it and dash get done for the wass
Just re, reload and kim kardash
My Kanye tell the kids they're mad
Man grabbed the boy like I is dad
She like me cause I'm wicked and bad
Trap Mo til my young boy bank
Buss no shots until she got your shank
Free S they got a trap boy grabbed
Free Ash and Free Little Antz
Free Blackz and Free Buja Bandz
Fuck the feds they try lock my gang
Load it up and then let it bang
Fuck them man and them niggas ran
17 that's pricey gang

[Verse 2: Mo Squeeze]

Add a k on the gang, that's rude
But you can get cheffed up too
Diligent gang, diligent dudes
Man's in a diligent mood
Opps in traffic, told him spin that ku
Man just spased like ku
My niggas are on piss and you ain't on poo
[?] like Mayfair fumes
Pos get blown, drilling up parties too
Pull up, bow, boom
Smoke up a block like barbecue
Best tell your barbies move
Get out the way or get clarted too
Gang leave mortars messy
I might just bop through Kenny
Do it, like I did it already

[Verse 3: Skengdo]

Nuff times I got nicked
And they sent me Kennington station
I ain't got bail, I got released
I didn't say a word I ain't snaking
Then I ten toes back to the ends
I weren't moving low I ain't skating
I'm just pissed they took a stack off me
And the thing that was waving
Swear these hookers on me
I swear these hookers on gang
We fucked around before
Now dirty girl don't come back
Like wait, pause, hold on
All of these rumours mad
I'll just sit back with the flavours
Like why do I beef these man
Got females throwing up Cs
I think they're loving the gang
How can a man, be on volts
When he's all broke it's mad
Out here serving up grub
And you might as well call me brown man
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Bro just caught my man in the caf
Should've had brecky at gaf

[Verse 4: Rage]

Them chose to stay broke I chose to get Ps in
If I don't see Freddie at 5 that's fine
I'll see him in the evening
I've been getting racks off my traps
Since I cut all the robbings and thieving
Long time I had both in the trap
That's 1 TT ting
Nothing ain't happening overnight
I had wounds that needed healing
I ain't talking physically
I don't shank man once like he did
I stay with my blade like the six them
Rug or Rage rampage grim reap him
Them man there still tweeting
Chain went missing weren't tweeting
Guy sees me say I'm a nice guy
Nice to meet you and they're leave him
Just know I've been dishing out beatings
Rage got his ting, man how you greet him
I went west ain't splashed the coins on the things them
Big things, little things, cash notes, keep them
Think I give a fuck what anyone has to say
Or they might think when I gave to see them
I changed for the better, I'm eating
Mastered on my jugg I ain't leaving
Dip, dip, dipper I'm squeezing
Retaliate on the same evening
I changed for the better, I'm eating
Mastered on my jugg I ain't leaving
Dip, dip, dipper I'm squeezing
Retaliate on the same evening

[Verse 5: AM]

Diligent, diligent, man's not innocent
Shotgun soldier, march like militant
Man's not billing it, man's intelligent
Pull up on two on anyone's residence
Ku what where like man stop gemming it
Nothing got bunned so the gun there [?]
Say you're on man, that's irrelevant
Big rambo cause the flick they're delicate
Man don't tolerate verbal
Dip man's chest til the blood turn purple
Hit him with the shell like turtle
Freddie and Jason, everyone's circle
Bunny on the K that's normal
Doing him at work when he's looking all formal
Doing it and show that's normal
Cheff man's face in the wound, they're awful
Practice, practice, everyone's active
Crash, crash and we almost wacked it
Active, active, active
Diligent, diligent, something got fractured
Everybody asked who slapped it
I didn't know it was probably cashers
Could've had a million corn
When he saw one and all of them dashing

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