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A Censored Sunlight - LYFE+LYBERTY.gif lyrics

Cos I get a lot of joy from the frontseat, backseat
Shotgun, bitch I'm at the wheel
You need an education
Ah, a situation
Ah, an explanation for the reason I'm on top
Bitch don't ask me why
Faggots feeling high

But I'm cool with gays, like a bullet in the grave
Like I'm chop tune house shit sitting on my mixtape
Keep it like a black dude but I'm not racist
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Get it like a white dude but I'm not complaining
Cos no white boy is ever gonna make it
Not even a rapper but baby, I can fake it
Like stumbling down those eloquent stairs
Get it like I'm real though, dead ass stares

Baby I'm that fake shit, this right here
Frontin' like I'm real though, keep it here
Running with the faggots like take me to your leader
Baby can you blame me for being such a dreamer?

Being such a dreamer... (laughs) such a dreamer...

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