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ACS like commission
And we're breaking the bank
It's ACS of course
Down for acting frank

When the teenager's near
Dirty beats in your ear
And if you try to run this shit
You know I'll take you dear

But now that you mention
Homoerotic tension
I'm a pathogen
From Boy's Town Comic Convention

And I'll still shake your hand
When you say that I suck
Cos with my German SoundCloud plays
I'm ready to what??

I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm ready to fuck (x2)
AC, AC, AC, AC, S of course (x2)

And it's not always easy
Being the little guy
With the weird ass name
Musical foresight

Cos the future holds
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What's in your hands
And if that thing is no talent
Keep it movin', man

And these bitches keep talkin'
Like my crew's killing her man
Pristine white rap
Blood diamond clan

That's that glitchy house
That's that pierce the veil
Now I'm flying overhead
And it's first class I hail

First class, first class, first class, first class, first class I hail (x2)
Miami I hail (x2)

(Uffie Sample)
Some people are looking and the heads are turning
But what you see in the morning is that your- is burning
Yeah you pathetic whore
Always wanted more and when he walked through the door
Your knees dropped to the floor
Now hoes got dreams as well
Trying to make their pimp proud
It's a fantasy to sell when your head's in the clouds
These ladies are pro actors got men thinkin' they above
But inside are no factors
That's why they get no love!

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