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A Boogie - Free Da Guys (Skit) lyrics

A Boogie: Ayo P what up n***a!

Caller: Ain't sh**, A Boogie what the f** is good my man? Bubba what the f** is goody flee?

Caller: I f**in' miss y'all man they gotta get me out of this sh**. You y'all think y'all- everybody just been tellin' me how n***as on the radio, I'm like uhhhh... Yo you- n***a I f**in' bumped the radio after I heard that sh**.

A Boogie: Haha, Deada**?

Caller: Yo, f** love.

Don Q: Yo bro, Highbridge The Label: Volume One about to drop yo.

Caller: Ay yo, you already know. Tune in, Highbridge The Label, Volume One. Get money man, waste no time man. you already f**in' know man. Free me, free my man M5. My man Boogie's out here, b**hes t**n' man. Westside takeover man, if you don't know now you know. Free the guys n***a, get money.

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A Boogie: Free the f**ing gang man.

Caller: Get the f** up out your feelings n***a. Get some f**ing money.

A Boogie: Those my brothers, so if I got it they get anything from me!

Caller: They get anything from me!

A Boogie: Uh-huh! haha.

Caller: Same Balmains for a week, b**h think I'm bummy.

A Boogie: They cost 1700 man, they can't think you bummy bro. Hahahaha!

Caller: Yo, free my f**in' n***as bro!

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