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A Boogie - B.B Kings (Skit) lyrics

Man #1: If you see what it is, if you see what it is upstairs right now.

Man #2: Is it crazy upstairs?
Man #1: My n***a! They got the sh** barricaded off with the police all with the horses and all that sh** you heard? You know what I'm sayin', like, it's messy right now. But on another note, all these extra n***as that's outside son, I gotta get these n***as up out of here son. I don't know who the voice of reason is with y'all crew, but somebody gotta talk to these n***as and make 'em move.

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Man #3: I'ma talk to somebody, I got somebody right here.

Man #1: I need somebody to take these n***as and make 'em move, you heard?

[Intensified Chatter]

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