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[Intro] Monsta's gon’ tear it up [Verse 1] All she ever wanted was my heart to hurt No attachments, just a Gucci purse She know I'm mad rich, she think I'm usin’ her My diamonds mad rich, they so rude to her And the way I'm actin' is all due to her If I think she thottin', I'm gon' do it first I'm gon' call my side b**h and we gon’ do the work She know I’m from Highbridge, my chain show through the shirt The feds locked my man up, free Montana Damn, all he ever wanted was his bands up They gave him 10 years for nothin', keep your head up If any n***as start to fret, n***a, lay ’em out Just listen to all my tracks 'Cause I don't wanna do no interviews, I'm not into that And I be feelin’ like I'm Malcolm, I got the X on my back And every n***a in the X can vouch for me, that's a fact I dropped my first mixtape and yeah, that sh** ran laps By the time I dropped The Bigger Artist, like seven million in plaques Got too much gold, I'm way too smart to leave my crib without straps And any n***a run up on us gon' get hit like that And I'ma be like n***a started what I started Skinny n***a with a Patek and a Pyrex Any n***a could get embarra**ed, come and try it Any n***a could get a bad b**h, just go and buy sh** [Chorus] I know, I know You're just like all the b**hes I know Why do you know all the b**hes I know? I think we're better off as rivals, yeah I know, I know Why do you know all the b**hes I know? You're just like all the b**hes I know You're just like all my f**in' rivals, yeah [Verse 2] And I know, I know You're just like all the b**hes I know And securer, so you got that lipo I feel like I'm the rappin' Michael, yeah I think I'm better off without you And you think I don't know about the things you do But I do all the same f**in' things you do We are both the same, I am just like you, yeah I know that you get in your feelings, baby, me too Sometimes I swear I say some sh** that I don't mean to I make you feel a type of way, I make you evil When I was broke, they used to treat me like I'm see-through They k**ed my n***a Quado in the projects And then they k**ed Beasty, free PeeWee I swear to God, somebody better die next And if it's one of my n***as, n***a, free me

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