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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Last b**h** lyrics

Thought my last b**h would be my last b**h
'Til I found out she was a savage
I ain't had sh** but that was back then
Now I'm established I got mad drip, yeah
f** love, that sh** don't belong here
Wish I knew the devil was so pretty with the long hair
f**ing with three n***as at a time, damn
I'm just hoping that the kid ain't mine, yeah
Tippy toes, tall b**h she make me get up on my tippy toes
When I hit it up
She like she don't f** with henny though
But I put the 40 to up in her anyway and she get [?]
All the petty hoes
Sneak up in my section next to me so they could be in videos
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You already know, my west side n***as flex with me
They TTG, they trained to go
Throw it up, like LeBron now
40 to your spine, make him calm down (calm down)
I'm a young black Bruce Wayne, black whips out
My n***as used to robbin' they still rob now
And you could smell the gas through the plastic
Damn I always knew you were a savage
[?] Gucci shoes with the socks
I'm paranoid I look over my shoulder a lot
Traumatized f**in' ratchet hoes on the block
I'm traumatized, that's why I ain't my best
Now I dress up, they wanna steal my cla**
Tryna run away now and lose your balance
Say that you a gangster but don't move in silence
Yeah, I don't f** around with Instagram hoes

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