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[Intro] Please tell me what you think happened Like this time, f** it [Verse] I woke up to like ninety-nine missed calls That's like ninety-nine people I probably pissed off Like damn, n***a, I was on a jail call Damn, n***as make me hate my cell phone Like damn, my n***a, I'm in the studio Last time I dropped am album was like a year ago Yeah, you tellin' me you starving, but I been to there Like growin' up, breakfast, lunch and dinner wasn't cereal I know what's up You just wanna be all in the videos and smoke it up I know you ain't really with the sh**s but you just throw it up Pretty b**hes in my city litty, they just going up n***a, you just wanna be around me 'cause my money up Heard them goofy n***as tryna line me, they don't want smoke with us Had to pop an Addy, I was down, yeah, had to focus up Most my n***as dogs, I hit up b**hes that my homies f**ed I hear too much me in n***as' songs, so I had to switch it up, I had to switch it up Pick out diamonds in particular 'cause I'm just rich as f** Rest in peace to that boy Trayvon, I got my hoodie up They know exactly how we give it up, shot a bully up And you b**hes know that I cannot waste no time b**h, I'm really grindin' If I ever said, "I love you", never mind it Especially when I feel like you out here thottin' I threaten you, but I f** with you, let's be honest I hide the fact that I love to smoke on exotic Flowers, I give you all my hours I f** around, I miss you though, I promise Bonnie and Clyde issues, guns around us No bozos in my circle, they get cut We can't even get around, I got my hoodie on in public House arrest in Florida, they always checked up on me So when I was in the studio I said I was in Publix If you could walk in my shoes, you could walk on water Percocets like NyQuil, got my buying sawed-offs Since I been in high school, I been feeling heartless I swear I was like you, now look at me ballin' 10K on one fit, fly like I departed Stay with that rocket, ooh, I go J. Harden Can't tell if I got it, but I stay on it And they stay frontin', but it ain't nothin' 'Cause I make money, talkin' big money Mmh, if I go broke, stay away from me Mmh, if I go broke, I'ma take money, yeah I might broke in my late hundreds It's hard not to talk money 'cause I got money now And these chains around my neck worth over two hundred thou And Puma just gave me a budget, I should say, "f** it" And give it to the schools 'cause they need it more than I need it now Swear I paid my dues, I should speak up more though, I'm playin' quiet Tryna keep it cool like the time I was in the studio with Future and his goons Sittin' next to my favorite rapper, actin' scared to say it to him Used to bump "March Madness," poppin' Addys because of you After you and Drizzy dropped, then I got in tune (Yeah) Drizzy, that's my broski, I appreciate you too, yeah First time in the Garden, it was all because of you, yeah I probably was OD-in' to do a song but I was new, yeah I can't lie, oh, you was like my idol, ask my crew, yeah Right when I thought viral was viral, Tekashi blew, yeah And that's my n***a too, I f** with you, I swear to God Type of n***a keep that sh** a hundred, cameras off And I'm the type of n***a you might see in Saint Laurent Different places, Cleveland, Miami, but I ain't LeBron WIth different b**hes, denims lookin' like they painted on Listenin' to "D.T.B", yeah, that's our favorite song I don't trust b**hes b**hes just like me, that's why I don't trust b**hes This your favorite song I don't love b**hes f** b**hes, DTB, no, I don't trust b**hes This your favorite song When you're home, all alone Reminiscin' my Dior cologne No going back, I really took your soul I know, yeah Woke up with the chills, oh, oh Took a pill with my milk, oh, oh Like it's not a big deal, oh, oh Free all of my bros, whoa, oh Free my n***a PeeWee, free my n***a Sk**s, now Man, you gotta see me, see how I came up now Used to wear the same sh**, I ain't lookin' like no bum now I'm a New York n***a, hangin' laces off my Uptowns Grew up in the jungle where they rumblin' for dust now Runnin' 'round the BX, RIP to Big Pun, now And I don't know why I feel like they wanna take my life And it's all [Outro] Wanna f** my wife And these n***as wanna take my life And it's all Yeah, it's alright And it's alright Yeah, it's alright, mmh

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