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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - 1Hunnit lyrics

One hunnet, keep it one hunnit
I just hope you don't switch up on me
I love it when you keep it one hunnit

[Hook: A Boogie]
Run it up, run it up on em
Girl we could run it up on em
I just hope you dont switch up on me
I love it when you keep it one hunnit
One hunnet, one hunnet keep it one hunnit
One hunnet, one hunnet keep it one hunni. [2x]

[Verse 1]
Never really wanted to talk about it
f** it though I'm bout to talk about it
Something told me write a song about it
We probably ain't gonna get along about it
I froze up when I seen you with him
That sh** made me want to leave you with him
I never even cheated, God damn girl I should've cheated!
And I ain't f**ing with these b**hes, these b**hes be eating
And I don't want to be a player, you gave me a reason
f**ed some b**h the other day I wanted to get even
Why are we even doing this, let's just call it even
Am I tripping for thinking you was the one I needed?
You was all that I wanted you was my everything and
You would come home to me I eat it up like Recess
You was my peanut butter you know I love my Recess

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[Verse 2]
Don't you lie to me, girl be honest
If I wasn't wearing all this designer and fly sh**
Tell me would you still ride like Jamaicans grinding?
And when I cop my first Beamer bet you wanna drive it
n***a f** it ima make it and go into college
Think she f**ing cause the name of the label is Highbridge
If they wanna know the price of this motherf**ing diamond
f** it we could talk about it with bro at [?]
And my flow so cold so I wear a Moncler
If you ratting you a dub, and you don't belong here
My b**h got a fat butt, Brazilian, long hair
God damn we been rocking Balmain all year
If you rocking with me, you rocking Balmain too
A Boogie wit da hoodie and the Balmain crew
Fifty karots on your ring if you want me too
I just hope you don't switch up, this is all we do


Bought my new b**h a Chanel bag and she went and told her friends about it
I cut my old b**h off she so mad and i know she still think about me
No new n***as always so mad circle shining like a ring with diamonds
I keep some gangsta n***as with me know that if you even try to think about it
If they catch a body I swear I will never speak about it
Bring me my bottle all I wanna do is drink about it
I could sleep about it
This ain't even an automatic my n***a three come out it
Same damn time, that's a drilla, read about it

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