A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - A Boogie & Don Q BET 2016 Cypher lyrics

[Verse 1: Don Q]
These hoes can't get enough of the don
It's like this, I get my nut and im gone
Type bent when I come to perform
Feel me? and the ice on my left wrist just numbing my arm
And they say d**h comes in threes that's true sh**
I k**ed self, k**ed flex and clue sh**
Tape doing numbers check ya mixtape app
And I can still go and chill where I pitch yay at
Driving dirty and I just took the templates back
They got the warrant for my arrest 10 states back
Look at me now, come from public housing on the steps
Now BET with 50 thousand on my neck
And it's shining so they notice me
I'm prolly in her ovaries
Two chicks blowing on my mic like it's flowetry
Ice on my neck you gotta squint when it shine
More gold than Mike Jackson on "Remember The Time"
Said you'll never let me f** I remember the time
Now wait your turn and get in the line
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[Verse Two: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
I'm not just anybody n***a you should read about me
A boogie in your girlfriend's speaker probably
All in my DMs she want to be somebody
Ball in don't let the 23 come out me
Mj, Sky blue, North Carolina
Off white jeans ripped like freddy found em
Chain icey got to keep a hockey player by me
Plain hoodie couldn't even tell its designer
Came up, and bought icey rollie
Hoes wanna know me
Flow cold all I know is snow
Drizzy hit my phone
Like "you ready to hit the garden bro?"
Now i'm in my zone but i'm only getting started though
10 freaky girls prolly waiting outside for me
High heels on, probably walked 8 miles for me
So far gone, can you walk on clouds on me
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie come and rock with me

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