A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - 3 Min Convo lyrics

Turn me up
Jamz turn me up

I know you heard of the boogie man
I am that n***a he woulda been
Hoodie on like I'm the reaper though
17 deep in the sprinter van
I heard they tryna get equal though
I would not let them get even man
She told me she trying to get into it
But I know these b**hes be sneaky man
Murder she wrote murder all she wrote
I can go Boogie or Artist flow
I probably got every car you drove
I probably f**ed every broad you know
b**hes think I'm a target, no
Want me to take you to Bonnies, no
Run it up see how far we go
Double up but be cautious though
I know they hate seeing me in first cla**
I'm a young n***a wearing her mess
I came up from the big x
And Came home to a big bag
Imma big boss and you big mad
f** around and die by my respect
I got blood all over my christans
From all my oppositions
f** all my oppositions
Like every pair damn loubs now I got blisters
And all of my day ones got caught up in the system
If she don't want me ,I f** with her sister
I'm so grimy when it comes to these b**hes
I hit her then end up going missing
I'm up now there ain't no more hard feelings
Its cool I just put her in the friendzey
I just had to put her in the frenzy
I swear they don't wanna see me happy
They just wanna see me in my feelings
Used to me a little nappy n***a now I'm nappy with a couple million
On the come up they was laughing at me
Now they f**ing with me cause I'm winning
Now they say I'm acting different
This sh** change you when you really in it
These days I can't come complain
Still get laid I swear
I used to not get paid
I'm back to my old ways

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Tech hoodie on
No chains
First pair of new balmains
Had me feeling like Kurt Cobain
I embarra**ed all my fly things
On the floor seats at the ball game
I got mad saint Lauren sh**
I told em' n***a personally call me
Gotta stab b**h n***as in the streets I ain't even gotta call B
They be mad hoes after shows they following me to the lobby
Imma a**hole when they come to that
I don't want you b**hes to love me
But thats just cause I get it
Been in my bag for a minute
I just flow with it
They all in my business, but
They just do not get it
Blood on my shoes I'm sinning, yeah
New E.R.D getting yeah
A lot of n***as dress just like me
But its alright i already did it, yeah
n***as wanna rap just like me
But its okay i already did it, yeah
Aliante got me icy
W's up I'm Winning
W's up I'm Winning
And I told her that I loved her but I didn't care
And if I expose her
It's because told my business, yeah
I'm kinda like povi In a business man
I'm a business man
I miss my n***a V12 and Montana man
I remember back when we was younger
I wish you was with me sitting in this benz
Now when we talk the convos being lamgos cause you in affairs
Got a little heart , getting used to all these millions
I keep a minimum wage
Gotta little heart talking to you
Through a phone
Knowing I can't see your face
n***a with a wire
Started f**ing with you n***a
What the f** did you say
Told you , you ain't gotta sell grills
No more n***a, but you did anyway
I wish they give you bell
You woulda Been with me today
Real sh** just 3 on my call

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