A$AP Ferg - It G Ma Remix lyrics

[Hook: Keith Ape]
잊지 마
Underwater squad
여전히 몸엔 camo
Orca ninjas go rambo
잊지 마
Underwater squad
여전히 몸엔 camo
Orca ninjas go rambo

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
All the young b**hes wanna f** a gold mine
Young Rambo, hunnid Glocks hangin' on my shoulder
What the f** you f** n***as talkin' about?
You ain't talkin' real loud when the bosses around
Sacrifice you n***as, it's an offerin' now
All you rap n***as turn up with marketin' now?
Till I run up in your house, it's a robbery now
Gimme that advance n***a, devil gon' dance, n***a
Don't make me grab my choppa
You don't wanna see these hands, n***a
Put you in the desert, under 30 feet sand, n***a
I'm the badman, run this muthaf**in' land, n***a
Plant a landmine better watch where you stand
It G ma, hollows gonna fly, it's a homicide
Mamas gon' cry, sing a lullaby
It's about us, never 'bout I, It's about trust never 'bout lies

[Verse 2: Dumbfoundead]
I'm movin' onto bigger things
Big bank take little bank, bow to the lizard king
Took DMT by the DMZ, made peace as the middle man
Then I woke up with a .45, seein' everybody firin' at both sides
We can all dream till then, we can all drink, live in fear like Ichabod Crane
I be sick of y'all, f** 'em all, they do the same thing, not me
Not me, muthaf**a, top three, I cannot be explained
Got the homie Keith Ape with a briefcase and a 38, lookin' for the nearest currency exchange
Low key, then I'm gone, took keys to the blonde
Put the D in your broad like "aye, aye"
Couple Gs from abroad, five peas in a pod, learned to speak in the speech of the gods

[Hook: Keith Ape]
잊지 마
Underwater squad
여전히 몸엔 camo
Orca ninjas go rambo

[Verse 3: Keith Ape]
b**h, I'm a zombie
너무 마신 싸구려 코데인
여전히 몸에는 검/흰 camo down
You know we going harder

Than a mutha muthaf**ing ape
난 욕죠에 누워 쇼핑해
그건 베이프 베이프 베이프 베이프 베이프
키쓰 에이프, 잊지 마, k**er Whale
k**er Whale, k**er Whale, k**er Whale, k**er Whales
수영해 수영해 수영해
우린 곧 돈으로 수영해
너넨 컴퓨터로 구경해
너네 삶까지 내가 주연해
그니까 잊지 마 내 이름, 절대로 잊지 마 내 팀을
잊지 마 절대 내 이름, 잊지 마 절대 내 팀을
한국에서 우릴 잊음 귀를 잃어

[Verse 4: Father]
Lungs full of tar and my tongue out my mouth
Head out the window, your b**h see me out
She open her legs, let it talk like Meowth
It's cryin' oh Father, "boy, please eat me out"
Ride with no tint, I don't hide from no phonk
Come catch these hands, don't confide in no pump
The way I came in is the way I go out
Born in the p**y, I'll die in the cunt
So 'fore you get any ideas and I stomp
A mudhole in your a**, cause I'm straight out the swamp
While the drums and ba** go pa rum pum pum pum
And a medley of virgins are humming my song
Exchangin' of smoke, I reside in the lungs
Exchangin' of fluids, reside on their tongues
Fe fi fo encumbered but under none
Father be the one the fi'est phenomenon

[Hook: Keith Ape]
잊지 마
Underwater squad
여전히 몸엔 camo
Orca ninjas go rambo

[Verse 5: A$AP Ferg]
Fifth of Henny got me goin' ape sh**
Weed got me wasted
Walk up in this b**h like I'm Asian
Been a minute since I've been in Shibuya
Goddamn it been a long vacation
Keith ape in the cut like Fredo, I'm gon' be alright
Better duck when you see his K blow, he gon' take your life
All of my ninjas with the 9, A$AP Mob we gon' rep everyday
Underwater squad, yeah, we the k**er whales
Finna get wet with the heat when we spray
f** all my enemies, you can find me mobbin' with my ninjas everyday
n***a, this ain't no industry sh**, see me with my n***as from the 143 everyday


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