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Flying Colors
We Singing Colors
The Other Colors
Strike The Colors

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Album results:
Foreign Objects: Universal Culture Shock / Undiscovered Numbers & Colors by Cky
True Colors by Cyndi Lauper
Coat Of Many Colors by Dolly Parton
Undiscovered Numbers & Colors (re-release) by Foreign Objects
Queen Of Colors by Andre Blanco

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Song results:
秋色に染まる道 (Akiiro ni Somaru Michi, Path Dyed in Autumn Colors) by Love Solfege
彩 ~Colors of Life~ (Aya, Colors) by Lia
四季彩彩 (Shiki Sai Sai, Colors of the Four Seasons) by Jinn
不透明水彩絵具 (Futoumei Suisaiegu,Opaque Watercolors) * by Seesaw
Цифры и цвета (Numbers & Colors) by Vanya Lenin

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