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Madeleine Peyroux
Lily & Madeleine
Sophie Madeleine

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Album results:
Lily & Madeleine by Lily & Madeleine
Bercy Madeleine by Pierre Perret
Mariadele by Mariadele
An Acoustic Tribute to Adele by Guitar Tribute Players
Baby Lullaby: Rock Piano Baby Lullabies Tribute of Coldplay, Adele, The Beatles, Journey, U2, Guns n' Roses, Evanescence & More by Baby Lullaby

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Song results:
Wenn der Pierre tanzt mit Madeleine * by Lys Assia
Wadele Wa Rohin * by Fela Kuti
Vol. I, Book VIII, Chap. I: "In What Mirror M. Madeleine Contemplates His Hair" by Victor Hugo
Vol. I, Book V, Chap. IV: "M. Madeleine in Mourning" by Victor Hugo
Vol. I, Book V, Chap. II: "Madeleine" by Victor Hugo

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