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Mike Falzone
Alejandro Sanz

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Album results:
How To Be A Zillionaire by Abc
Romanza by Andrea Bocelli
Veteranz Day by Big Daddy Kane
Compact Jazz - Billie Holiday by Billie Holiday
The Jazz Passengers: Individually Twisted by Blondie

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Song results:
青空をまちながら (Aozora wo Machi Nagara, While Waiting For the Blue Sky) * by C.G Mix
青空の確率 (Aozora no Kakuritsu, Probability of a Blue Sky) by Love Solfege
青空と黒い猫(Aozora to Kuroi Neko, Blue sky and a black cat) * by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
青空 (aozora) by Yuria
青空 (Aozora, Blue Sky) by Lia

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