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8thwonderbro - Obey your king lyrics

[Verse one: Trillon]
Ugh yeah listen
How come the homie danny remind me of phantoms
While im sleepin i see demons singing national anthems
Patriotics who f** around with narcotics
Then when they get to high they begin to sound nostalgic
Yeah, like my grandma who think she in the year 1
BC, old a** traditions im tryna find the new me
But while i listen to these pros it gets harder to see
Cuz im over here singin i'm a god
When really i like the music sayin 'im so odd' please
f**in relapse of my old ambitions but lets recap
p**y n***a couldn't get no water from the sink tap
Now im livin in a two story mansion i think that deserves a few claps
If ya ask me i just made this track about a revoultion
The sky's the limit yet i'm stuck in this mental insitution
Of life

[Verse two: rxnthetriller]
Bvsed god$
These n***as savaging to survive
Im savaging to thrive
Rather be a og to be a original genius
So tell all the haters to s** a penis
And even santa was a sinner he had three ho ho hoes
Lifes like trying to tell cociane addict to stop cause he no know nose
Like why n***as take their stress out through joints
Like what the hells a sentence without out its point
Suppose we had freestyle only
Suppose they k**ed my homie
Got paid all my debts
Yet n***as still owe me
Now im bringing heat from my waves
Chill signal so strong can hear it in caves
Society a b**h and we the new slaves
Hopefully Young Kxng$ rap something you crave

We want freestyles period

[Verse three: Hardy]
Ahhhhhhhhh back in this b**h
My n***a Q bin talkin sh** again
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You no how it is, fake friends
This ain't the first time Thoe happened once b4
Tried to make up with him but no more
In fact he called me a p**y for being a bro
Jus goes to show that he's now my foe
See I don't work well with this online cyber whatever sh**
I like to settle this like real men bare arms no clips
U gat these n***as thinkin u sh** by sendin a pic of u lifting
Real n***as dnt brag about their gains u jus bullsh**tin
HAHA I just thought about that thing u call a face
U gat so much pumps look like they reproducin in a race
n***a say "fatty" rather be a fatty than the "groups" lacky
And look at ya pompy fades
Look like your barber cut ya hair with a switchblade
I cud run on for days. I'm the realist n***a u had and u gave me away(no homo)
But you put ya own foot in your mouth dug your own grave
Pray to God that you'll be saved
But ahhh this my last rap I'm retired
Q go jump in a pot of fire


[Verse four: 8thwonderbro]
14 years on this earth what i gat to show?
Just some average grades and a hol' lotta foes
I promise ill change my life someday i take it step by step
Try ta' hitup stairway to heaven stoppin' the anti christ
Round the 6's to 7's
Im moving in the right direction day by day.i remeber to read my bible and pray twice a day
I know my fam gat me every step of the way
In no time id be more of a saint than Drew Brees
I'll be more rooted in christ than a tree
But thats the thing bout being better it don't happen overnight
I ain't God it took him a day to add light
When you see me in the cut n***a yo its a scary sight for you
Bet on me n***a sure raise ya revenue
n***as think im manu ginobli how i be steppin through
Muder the beat n***a run go grab a tissue
I make b**hes feel better girls call me a vet (shoots i cursed)
Ine fully charged yet


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