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8thwonderbro - Chill tactic$ lyrics

[Hook: Rxn the Triller & 8thwonderbro]
Chill n***as, all we do it chill n***a
Pop a pill ,get higher than a hill n***a
No luck involve, its all sk** n***a

[Verse 1: 8thwonderbro]
My name is Floyd Q A n***a you dont know me you must be new eh?
From trukfit to buckets i guess i came a long way
Now im a rxp gxd servin this sh** up like a chinese take away
I k** every beat my lyrics will leave em dead
Feelin' like a baker how i be makin this bread
5'5 on paper but imma a rap giant
All i spit is fire like a komodo dragon
Shouts out to aiky out there at CV
But i see him.everyday pickin his girl up.from ELC (c'mon)
Do u read her bed time stories and buy her blankies thats some crooked sh** quite frankly

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[Verse 2: Rxn the triller]
Mr. Triller back in this
Hating a** n***as can kiss our gluteus maximus
Original Style is what yall n***as lack
Everything changed when my verse attacked
Scientific raps thats lab sh**
Pay attention and watch as i oxymoron spit
President of an anarchy
Win nothing yet im still cocky
And i learned that n***as only have your packs to f**ing stab it
(Opps) Sorry thats a habit
The Future looking odd so we had to k** them all
Chill n***as clashing with these titans
Autumn was coming so we had to make it dall


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