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600Breezy - By Myself lyrics

I count money by myself
I don't need nobody else
Check a bag get your wealth, by myself
Ride up smoke a n***a by myself

I get money by myself
Check a bag, I don't need nobody else
Sneak dissing man that's bad for your health
Slide up k** a n***a by myself
Smoke your a** by myself
b**h I'm smoking Tooka by myself
Get your stupid a** left
Smoke your a** by myself

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I count cash by myself
I blast by myself
Walked up, smoked his a** by myself
Don't get your stupid a** left
I hopped out and pulled your thot by myself
She gave me neck then she left
Finessing all these b**hes all the way to a check
Six double O, that's the gang that I rep
And I'm out here in these steamers
Sliding up squeezing TECs so don't get your a** wet
I'm aiming for the neck, gang members we be throwing up sets
They say I'm up next, so I'm spitting harder than the next
Real n***a I'ma die for my respect
That's the gang sh**


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