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600Breezy - Blowin Like A Fan lyrics

[S.Dot's Verse:]

Blowin like a fan, keep some shooters
Blowin like a fan, put Breezy on yo a**
Slide the doors, blowin out the van
Bronem off the xans
Keep my pipe, keep one in the head
Laughin at sh** dead
Catch him lackin, we gon' k** his a**
Blowin like a fan, you a lame and yo b**h a fan
She'll a blow some
Gave me brain
Her lil stupid a**
I don't understand
n***as fake
They merch on they mans
LA gang b**h red tape and some ambulance
Pull up where we been slidin'
And free my lil bro nine
We ain't out hea man they lyin
I know it's always been my time
Dotarachi I can't change
And I won't drop a dime
We really in the streets
No we don't let em lie
Steve drive I don't honor the sh**
Real 600 sh**
Load a hundred clips
Then we slide on young money sh**
n***as talk they just run they lips
Boy we run this sh**
LA gang b**h I'm Baldy World
f** that other sh**
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[600 Breezy's verse:]
Pull up choppin' sh** like fans
600 we the clan
Doors slide back on them vans
You'll get yo a** blamed
2 pipes, Yosemite Sam
It's Breezo I'm the man
Slidin get up out that jam
Bullets chuncky like spam
Plus they dumpin out the can
You gettin what I'm sayin
If a n***a say he don't let em know it ain't a joke
You'll get yo a** smoked
Stand over you with the sauce
Pull that hoe until you croak
Turned that n***a to a ghost
b**h we strapped out got the mac out
We'll have bite down shoot your back out
Six O we got them pipes out
We gon show a n***a what is life bout
But n***as better take the nice route
Cause this sh** here is rough
You'll get yo life f**ed
n***as don't like us
So we keep them pipes tucked
These n***as know what's up
This poppa leave him stuck
Shotty lift a n***a up
And I don't really give a f**
b**h I'm LA Gang'd up
p**y keep your chains tucked
Or your life in danger

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